About Crabtree

Crabtree Farms , a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was founded in 1998 to bring urban sustainable agriculture to Chattanooga. The mission of Crabtree Farms is to connect Chattanoogans with our local foodshed.  Crabtree Farms serves the greater Chattanooga community through education and advocacy programs that teach about growing food sustainably and choosing local produce.

Crabtree  promotes locally-grown produce and artisan-crafted products in the Chattanooga region with the “TasteBuds” Local Food Guide.   Our “What’s Ripe” monthly email updates, farm events, workshops and community outreach keep Chattanooga locals educated and informed. Crabtree’s Farm-To-School and adult education programs teach the importance of healthy living and sustainable agriculture through tours and hands-on demonstrations of farming and gardening at our Urban Farm. Our programs include: Future Farmer Internships, Farmer-For-A-Day, Community garden training, Farm Field Days for kids and tours for all ages. On-site education takes place on the awesome Urban Farm- the heart and soul of Crabtree Farms.

In 2010, Crabtree’s Farm-To-School program “Dig In Kids” educated 1,000 area students about sustainability, farming fresh foods and cooking.  Regionally, the “TasteBuds” Local Food Guide, events and community outreach. These efforts all highlight sustainable gardening and eating practices, resulting in a healthier, more active Chattanooga!

Crabtree Farms is located near downtown Chattanooga, in the Clifton Hills neighborhood. For directions, please click here.