Join us at the Farm!

Crabtree Farms is successful in large part due to the generosity of our volunteers. There are several different ways to volunteer, and today we’ll discuss two of them: with our farm staff and at our special events.

The farm staff is comprised of 4.5 hearty individuals committed to fields and greenhouse. Clearly, that isn’t enough folks to manage 3 greenhouses, 2.5 high tunnels, and roughly 4 acres of sustainable vegetable production. So we turn with loving need to you, the public. You needn’t have any skills or knowledge whatsoever, we’ll teach you at each step of the way. Within our farm/greenhouse volunteers there is a special subset, the WorkShares.

These are folk who commit to working with us every week for the entire season in exchange for a CSA share. It is a big and important commitment, and we take it very seriously – WorkShares become our farm hands, our colleagues, our friends, and our trusted and dependable assistants. If you are interested in joining this exclusive team of committed individuals, please fill out the WorkShare form on our website – we still have slots available for both Greenhouse and Farm WorkShare.

Crabtree hosts a minimum of 3 large, special events each year: Spring Plant Sale, 100 Dinner, and Fall Plant Sale. Though Crabtree does many things in and for our community, our staff is tiny (7 at current count), which means that volunteers make our special events possible. Quite honestly, you run the events with and for us. We are with you every step of the way and provide training for your event task, but we could never pull off any of the events we do all by ourselves.

This year the Spring Plant Sale is Fri-Sun, April 5-7, and we are looking for folks to help. It is a rockin’ good time and we take great care of you. Morning slots are filling up, though still available, and our afternoon slots are looking a bit empty. Please email or call Rachel Gray for more information about times, dates, and tasks available: [email protected] or (423)493-9155 x14.