As a community focused organization committed to education, we offer myriad workshops for adults and families.  Our workshops focus on topics of an older time, but with a new twist.  A twist for our modern lives.
Why take a workshop at the farm?
  • We partner with workshop facilitators of the highest caliber.  Each facilitator is a master in his/her area of expertise and loves sharing that knowledge with others.
  • Our workshops are priced to honor the talents of our facilitators, and also be affordable for participants.
  • Taking a workshop at Crabtree supports a nonprofit that invests directly back into the community – back into making our community an even better place to live.
  • Shed the stress of everyday life and relax here at the farm.  Crabtree is a beautiful and serene location to learn and grow.
  • Last but NOT least, our workshops are fun!  Fun in a way all our hearts need.
Upcoming Workshops
One Delicious Bite:  Mindful Ways with Food (March 9th)
Ready to Garden (March 9th)
Soap Making Level 2 (March 10th)
Healing Salve (March 30th)
The Art of Solar Dyeing (April 27th)
Farm to Table Cocktails (April 27th)
Nature Journals (May 4th)
Whether you gift yourself with a workshop or a friend, registration is simple and straightforward.  Sign up via our website or give our events coordinator, Melissa, a call at 423-493-9155 ext. 10.  We’d love you to join us at the farm for a workshop, or several of them!