Operating a community farm requires an extraordinary host of partners. We couldn’t do what we do without the help and support of everyone in our community – even a person who can give only two hours of time in a single visit – you matter. You all make a difference.

Today we are giving a quick shout out to a small selection of partners whose support makes waves in our tiny nonprofit.

Lupi’s Pizza Pies – If there is a better example of a full-circle farm to table restaurant in our town, we’ve never heard of it. In our world Lupi’s specifically supports child education programs and, in critical moments, fuels the hungry bellies of volunteers and staff. Lupi’s Pizza is one important reason we can reach 3,000 kids a year to get their hands and hearts in the dirt.

EPB – Though the tools of our work are very different – fiber optics vs soil – we find our community values and passions reflected in EPB’s outreach efforts. Their support is crucial in Crabtree being able to reach broad audiences. They are passionate about connection. Together we work to get people of all ages connected to food, dirt, place, and each other.

The Patten Group –  These folks specialize in tackling the tasks the rest of us would rather avoid. Doing extensive research on who and how to invest plus all the financial paperwork sounds terrible to me – they do it so darn well. Their sponsorship gift to Crabtree isn’t glamorous either, but it is oh-so-important. The Patten Group provides us ways to print so we can do our work and communicate with the community.

Beaty Fertilizer – We love poop at Crabtree Farms! It’s such an important step in nutrient cycling. The folks at Beaty Fertilizer are experts in poop and nutrients. They go out of their way to understand our needs for sustainable products we can feel safe about adding to our soils to feed our plant babies.

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union – TVFCU uses their banking superpowers to make sure folks are having fun in the community. Whether it is synchronized paddling of dragon boats or boot stomping while roots shopping at one of our annual plant sales, TVFCU is in it for the community. Their support means so much.

Feathers & Fruit – Speaking of superpowers, partnering with Feathers & Fruit is like having a fairy godmother! It feels like the laws of physics no longer apply. You need mountains moved? Things to appear? Time to magically elongate? Poof! We are a stronger, better resourced, and more connected organization due to the behind-the-scenes work of Feathers & Fruit.

Davis Outdoors – I don’t think there is a greater gift a farm can receive than a humongous mountain of leaves each fall. Since our partnership with Davis Outdoors began 5 years ago, our soils have more organic matter, fewer weeds, happier leeks, and ecstatic garlic stalks. Dry leaves are like fairy dust for a garden – sprinkle them everywhere and magic will happen.

We are so grateful to each of these folks for seeing and addressing a need at Crabtree Farms. We couldn’t do it without you – thank you.