The days are growing longer, and the sun is shining brightly. It’s the time of year when we can look out across the farm and see such tremendous growth.  Food is popping up everywhere, and we are so excited!
We know, realistically, traditional grocery stores play their role. One has to grab a Kit Kat and laundry soap every once in a while, right? Yet, we have moved into the season of locally grown abundance. There’s nothing sweeter than being able to purchase local grown produce from the hands you know and trust.
Each and every day, we are honored to grow food for the Chattanooga community. It makes our heart dance a lovely jig and gives us a spry bounce in our steps.  So! On that note, we wanted to remind you where you can find Crabtree Farms Farmers and Produce:
  • Wednesdays 4 to 6pm, Main Street Farmers Market. Located on the corner of Chestnut & W. Main, this market is a producers-only, farmer-run market. It was founded to provide a viable marketing outlet for local farmers and food producers and to bring locally grown products to Chattanooga area consumers, like you.  To read more about this market: Main Street Farmers Market.
  • Fridays and Saturdays 10am-3pm, Crabtree Farms Farmstand. Located at 1000 E. 30th St. Stop by to see where our produce is grown and processed firsthand!  Each day you will find an array of freshly picked produce as well as eggs from Feathers & Fruit.
  • Saturdays 10am to 12pm, Brainerd Farmers Market. Located at Grace Episcopal Church (20 Belvoir Avenue), the Brainerd Farmers Market seeks to make local, sustainably grown produce, meats, eggs and dairy products available to the Chattanooga and Brainerd communities. In addition, they support the Brainerd community with education and financial assistance to ensure healthy food choices and options for all. To read more about this market: