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“Plants want to grow and, generally, a bit of mistreatment makes them stronger.” 
Join Sara McIntyre, Crabtree’s dirt loving Executive Director, as she makes vegetable gardening approachable. This class is both conversational and informative. Participants will leave with reference materials, basic gardening knowledge, and newfound confidence.
Please bring a snack, notebook, and pen.
For the Overachievers: Arrive having answered these questions:
1) What veggies do I like to eat (so much that I want to grow them)?
2) Where in my living space gets 6 or more hours of fairly direct sunlight during a day? (ex. deck, this half of my porch, that corner of the yard, etc) Note: This may mean spending most of a day outside noting where the sunny spots are every hour or so. Don’t skip the morning – it’s the most important light to map!