Skills of an Older Time— with a New Twist

We believe in engaging hands, large and small, in activities that bring them closer to the earth, preserve traditions, and bring joy. We create active food citizens that grow the vitality of residents and the surrounding area as a whole.


Our Workshops

We believe in the power of working together with our hands to try and learn something new. Through a diverse set of education programs, we create opportunities to gain new experiences, tools, and skills all while making connections within the world around us.

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Suggestions for Workshops?

Do you have a workshop that you’d love to attend, but it is not on our calendar? Contact us with your suggestion at cdente@crabtreefarms.org.

Have an idea for a workshop you’d like to lead at Crabtree Farms? Share the details with our education coordinator by completing the form below.

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Farm Visits

Field Trips, Tours, & Off-site Speaking Engagements

We educate children and families on the benefits of food and farms. Explore our farm through field trips and tours. Contact our education coordinator, Chloe Dente, with your questions: cdente@crabtreefarms.org.

Farm Visits

Field Trips

These 1.5–2 hours of fun on the farm include hands-on exploration stations that are tied to curriculum standards for Tennessee and are chosen based on seasonal availability and curricular focus. Please talk with us about your themes and dreams for field trip exploration stations when you schedule.

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Tours are available at Crabtree Farms for students of all ages, as well as garden clubs, civic groups, and other interested parties. A typical tour lasts one hour and provides a great opportunity to observe farming in action while exploring the grounds with Crabtree Farms’ dedicated and informative staff. Topics are customizable. Crabtree also has outdoor space available for picnicking.

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