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Rent the Evelyn Center for your next meeting, wedding, rehearsal dinner, party, retreat, workshop, corporate event, etc. This 2,500 square foot facility features a demonstration kitchen, community dining room, covered porch, and two restrooms. Proceeds from event rentals directly support educational programming for the community.

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At Crabtree Farms, we are committed to cultivating a vibrant and sustainable local food system. As part of our ongoing efforts to support our mission, we proudly organize annual fundraisers. These events serve as crucial opportunities for us to generate the financial resources necessary to continue our important work. By organizing fundraisers, we are able to secure the funding needed to maintain our farm operations, expand educational programs, provide support to local farmers, and enhance community outreach initiatives. Through the collective support and generosity of our attendees, donors, and partners, we can foster a resilient and thriving food ecosystem that benefits both our local community and the environment. Join us in making a lasting impact by participating in our annual fundraisers and helping us grow a sustainable future together.

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