Create Healthy Habits

January, with its aura of new beginnings, often includes renewed commitments to healthy habits.  Including a new or forgotten healthy habit needn’t be arduous.
Working on a sustainable farm, we realize we may be a bit…”crunchier” than the average Joe, but our days are full and fast-paced too, so this week we’re offering a few ways to include a new healthy habit into your busy lifestyle.

1. Compost – Saving food equals saving water. An estimated 21% of our freshwater use goes to making produce that is wasted. Let’s try to keep that water out of the landfill by composting it at home or through a service like Compost House.  

Next step: food waste reduction.

2. Eat yer veggies – Eating local, seasonal produce is good for your body and good for the environment. All the recipes this month are focused on quick, tasty ways to slip more greens into your diet. Next step: try a new winter vegetable.

3. Farmers Market! – What a fun, welcoming place to shop. Starting at the market and choosing what is fresh and available means you’ve started with minimally or unprocessed foods – grains, meats, dairy, and produce. From there build your grocery list around what you  can make from your seasonal choices. Next step: let go of choice and embrace the season with a CSA/farm share.