What draws me again and again to this place, this work, this desk is twofold: the people and the land. It is the stories of all those who pass through our gates which touch and inspire me. It is the selfless and dauntless passions of my coworkers which propel and endear me. And woven through it all is the land: the mists of mornings, the suck of mud in rains, the birdsong and tranquility.
Amidst and underlying the bustle and the toil is the sweet tug and support of the land. The people, stories, and land are what bind and enliven those touched by Crabtree Farms.
Crabtree is moving with bold surety into the future. For people must eat and in an increasingly digital and isolated world, experience, connection and grounding have never felt more nourishing.
I invite you to give and move boldly with us into a future of growth, education, and connection.

Warm smiles,
Sara McIntyre