Wednesdays 4-6pm @
Main St Farmers Market 
(corner of Chestnut and W Main) 
The photo above shows a praying mantis case with some nymph mantids on the prowl. We like releasing these aliens into the greenhouses because they are voracious eaters of just about any insect within reach. They hunt at all hours of the day and night and are fast enough to catch flies and mosquitoes in addition to the more traditional mites, moths, grasshoppers, and anything else close enough to snatch up. The praying mantis is a superb and beneficial garden companion. 
At market this week: Arugula, Green Garlic, French D’Avignon Radishes, Baby Kale, Baby Collards, & Fresh Turmeric.
Crabtree accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and EBT.