While our Genovese basil certainly makes a mean green pesto sauce, you may want to consider our Thai variety of basil for stir-fries and spring rolls. Thai basil leaves hold up to heat much better than their Italian counterparts and add a spicy flavor with slight anise notes to your finished dish. This quick and easy preparation pairs perfectly with steamed brown rice and can make for an excellent solution to the problem of what to make on a busy weeknight. 
The tofu and veggie stir fry comes together so quickly that you’ll want to start your rice well in advance. Also, any other chopped or sliced veggies can easily be added this stir fry. This recipe is vegan when omitting the fried egg, but the sauce and veggies would complement ground chicken, pork, or thinly sliced beef as well. Ditch the take out menu tonight and make your own version of this delicious Thai-inspired stir fry. Your wallet, belly, and local farmers will thank you!
Here’s some helpful information about some of the different types of basil that Crabtree grows: https://www.cooksillustrated.com/how_tos/11228-the-differences-between-thai-and-italian-basil

Recipe adapted from: https://drivemehungry.com/15-minute-thai-basil-tofu-stir-fry-pad-krapow/