A quick, yet impressive, veggie side or appetizer – shishito peppers are just the ticket. These small but mighty peppers are delightful when blistered and sprinkled with coarse salt. Adding an Asian-inspired sauce takes these beauties to a whole new level. 

While mostly mild, roughly 1 in 10 shishito peppers packs a bit of heat. This can make for a fun game of ‘pepper roulette.’ Pairing these saucy bites with grilled fish and a side of veggie fried brown rice makes for a fabulous meal packed full of plant-based goodness that would be a joy to share with your loved ones. 

No matter how you consume your peppers, these flavorful shishitos may become your new favorite.  

Recipe adapted from: https://girlwiththeironcast.com/shishito-peppers-with-soy-garlic-sauce/